Contractor Solution

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The Cornhill Club Service:

Cornhill Private Wealth are accountants specialising in contractor Tax Planning and Wealth Management, providing a portfolio of asset protection products including this specialized tax planning solution for self-employed contractors.

The Cornhill Club is a service designed to offer the best solution to highly remunerated and sophisticated contract workers.

Key Points:

  • No Costs to Join
  • Typical Earnings Retention 86-88%
  • Full Accounting Service
  • Full Legal Support
  • No Fees When Not Invoicing
  • Using trust technology of 21 years standing

How it Works:

The Cornhill Club provides a legal and accountancy service to its members. By becoming a member of the club, you are entitled to make contributions to the Cornhill Club trust. This trust exists to look after funds contributed by the members, and is empowered to invest or make loans on behalf of the beneficiaries of the trust.

When you make a contribution to the trust, as a sole trader this money is no longer accounted for as taxable profit, and therefore no longer carries a tax liability.

Trust funds are available for loans to trust beneficiaries, any loans received in this way do not generate a personal tax liability.

Why Use This Service?

The Cornhill Club has been created specifically for contractors who wish to reduce the tax burden falling on their Ltd Companies. Existing Limited Company business owners can also take advantage of this cost efficient arrangement.

The Cornhill Club offers its contractor solution with an unrivalled twenty-one year record of accomplishment.

All fees are calculated as a percentage of trust contributions, after which our clients typically net 86-88% of Gross contract value, dependent upon factors such as the level of expenses incurred and the VAT position.

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